Agile on the Beach?

Agile on the Beach. Is this a real conference? I was sceptical, until I checked the 2012 lineup and discovered that this conference – probably more than other agile conferences – tackled business as well as technical challenges. It’s also pretty good value. So I packed my bags and went to Falmouth. (By the way – it’s further than you think: over 4 hours by train from Bristol: BRI to PYN).

I was hoping to get some insights into a number of agile challenges. Particularly: the customer transition to agile; contracts; and agile in government. I was very happy to find that the conference exceeded expectations on all three counts.

What follows is a series of blog posts about the sessions I went to. Some of them need a bit of background reading so I will be posting them in a piecemeal fashion. There was plenty more, incidentally: on craftsmanship (including a fun sounding coding ‘dojo’); agile teams; and agile in business. I attended mostly, but not exclusively, the latter.

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